Raugi Yu

Raugi Yu is originally from Montreal, is a graduate of The Dome Theatre program at Dawson College and The BFA Acting program at UBC.  He has acted in various theatres across Canada and the U.S.  Moving seamlessly between stage and film. You may recognize him from roles in, The Shoplifters, The Curious Incident Of The Dog In The Night Time(Arts Club) and Coriolanus (Bard On The Beach). On screen Mr. Young, jPod, Kung-Fu. Most recently completing his first production as Director for a feature film. 

Raugi is also an instructor of acting from coaching private clients to creating curriculum at various schools. His favourite teaching and learning tool is genuine curiosity from the heart and he is always curious about the, “Who am I?”

What drew you to acting?

What drew me to acting initially was that I was searching for a way to express myself. I was 14 and had a lot going on in my heart and spirit. Fortunately I had the opportunity to explore acting at that time and I’ve been there ever since.

What was your experience breaking into the industry? 

It was amazing and difficult. The ideas and movements of inclusion and awareness of diversity were not as prevalent as they are now, so there were many years and instances as a young BIPOC actor where I had to navigate racism and othering. To be clear I am not complaining. I understand the generation of performers before me had it even tougher and if not for their perseverance I couldn’t stand tall now. I am grateful for that and hope I can continue that work.

You have experience acting on stage, as well as film and television. You also direct, produce and teach.   Which do you prefer most?

I don’t think I can say that I have a preference. I would say it is an evolution and an exercise in being in the moment. I started out as a Stage Actor and it’s not that when I started acting for Film I stopped being a stage actor while I was in front of the camera, I was now the sum of those two disciplines. The same goes for Teaching, Directing and Producing. I can’t be any of those things without the combined experiences from the various disciplines that make me who I am.

What advice do you have for aspiring actors and what is the most important lesson you have learned throughout your career?

Love is more powerful than anything else. Use the tool of true curiosity in your craft and in your life. The rigour of practice will set you free.