Accessibility Info

Sun Wah Centre | Dr. Sun Yat-Sen Classical Chinese Garden | VPL nə́c̓aʔmat ct Strathcona Branch

Sun Wah Centre
268 Keefer Street, Vancouver | Website

-Skytrain stations: Stadium-Chinatown, Main Street-Science World
– Bus routes: #22 on Pender/Gore, #3, 8, 19 on Main St, #14, 16, 20 on Hastings St

– Floors 5-8 is parkade managed by Impark. Its entrance/exit is on Keefer Street. The parkade opens daily at 7am and closes (becomes gated) at 7pm.
– Level 8B (on rooftop) is operated by BC Artscape, with monthly and daily parking rates offered to tenants and guests. Buy Parking Pass online
– For parking after 7pm, there is metered street parking, surface parking lots and parkade options in the area. Limited free parking can be found in neighbouring Strathcona or DTES, but please be aware of time limits and permit parking only.

NB: The Sun Wah Centre has not yet had an accessibility audit.

Some specifications of the building for your consideration:
– Building entrance at 268 Keefer Street is at street level with no steps
– Lobby has a ramp with handrail to reach the elevator
– Elevator access is available to each floor

Specifications of BC Artscape Sun Wah floors (Lower Ground, 3rd, 4th):
– One handicapped parking stall on rooftop parking level 8B. Buy Parking Pass online
– Washrooms are accessible & non gendered. Universal bathroom on each floor.
– Chairs in our flex spaces are without arms
– Assistance animals are welcome
– A number of our tenants have dogs. You may encounter some furry friends in common areas and elevators

Please let us know if you have any requests or need more info. Contact info[at]bcartscape[dot]ca

Accessibility Ratings:FULL/SEMI/NON

Wheelchair/ Scooter User /Mobility Limited Accessibility: main space FULL, bathrooms FULL.
Deaf and Hard of Hearing Accessibility: SEMI
Blind and Vision Limited Accessibility: SEMI
Scent Reduction/ Scent Free Accessibility: SEMI

Accessibilities Rating Key:

FULL: e.g. can freely access all publicly available spaces; scent policy in place and enforced; ASL, Braille, & other accommodations available at no charge to the individual; sliding scale available; etc.

SEMI: e.g. can access most/main activity spaces but not all public areas, some arrangements/changes required, some accommodations provided for deaf/HoH and blind/vision limited folks; adequate lighting for signing; limited scent policy; etc.

NONe.g. can’t access main public areas; no scent policy in place; no ASL, Braille or other accommodations; inadequate lighting for signing; no sliding scale; etc.

Dr. Sun Yat-Sen Classical Chinese Garden
578 Carrall Street, Vancouver | Website

Venue access:
– Ramp access at the Carrall Street entrance
– Paths leading to venue are concrete sidewalk with some grassy areas on side
– Seating: chairs with hard backs, some backless benches
– Parking: meter or parkade (across garden entrance at Keefer Memorial Square)

– 1 gender neutral, wheelchair-accessible washroom (single-stall)
– 2 gendered washrooms (multi-stall)

Scent / Noise / Wi-Fi:
– The space will only be shared by participants, but due to public nature of event, we cannot guarantee controlled scent or noise levels. We invite guests to be mindful of one another by refraining from wearing scented/perfumed products.
– The space has WiFi and may not be suitable for those with EMS (electromagnetic sensitivity).

VPL nə́c̓aʔmat ct Strathcona Branch
730 East Hastings Street, Vancouver | Website

The nə́c̓aʔmat ct Strathcona branch is fully accessible in the physical / structural sense. The entire library is on one floor, at street level. There are no stairs to enter the building or within the library. The event room is on the main floor. The front doors have automatic buttons. The library has smooth flooring and there is plenty of width in walkways to accommodate different sized wheelchairs or other mobility aids. The lighting in the book shelving area is excellent with fixtures directly over the shelves themselves.

The library is a shared space and some noise does occur. However, there are no ongoing loud noises such as of fans or machinery. The event room is a glassed-in space but it is not perfectly soundproof.  This is a room where people are typically listening to speakers.

The VPL’s Occupational Health and Safety Committee has a clean air policy for all staff members in all worksites, with respect to keeping our use of scented personal care products to a minimum.  However, we do not apply a similar specific restriction for members of the public.  For example, although there is no smoking in the library, we do not have control over whether a member of the public has this odor on their clothing. We are fortunate to have a reasonably large space, so people have a bit of choice where they sit.

Washrooms are accessible—main floor, smooth flooring, wide pathways, and wheelchair accessible stalls.Washrooms are gendered, with sign “Trans People Welcome”.  No key necessary and there are lockable stalls inside each washroom. There is also a third washroom labelled Family Washroom (also signed Trans People Welcome).  This is just a single room. Anybody can use the family washroom upon requesting a key from the service desk; it isn’t restricted to families only.