September 24

Where: UBC Learning Exchange, 612 Main St, Vancouver, BC V6A 2V3
When: Sunday, September 24, 11:00am–4:30pm
Cost: $20

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Workshops will take the form of a ‘talk/presentation’ rather than traditional methods with exercises, etc. It will be an opportunity for a published writer to lend insight to developing writers’ aspects of writing or the mechanics of producing a published work.

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Presenter: Terry Watada
Writing Tips and Publishing Secrets

The do’s and don’t’s of how to write. Also what you need to know about the publishing business—secrets revealed. Terry Watada guides writers through the process of how to tell a story in the most concise and poignant way possible. From how to intelligently grow an idea from its inception to a fully-formed story, to how to properly edit, Terry will show what goes into solid storytelling. With such established roots in the Canadian writing scene, Terry will also provide secrets to the publishing industry, and what to do with this knowledge to help write your own story. Tickets here.

Presenter: Julia Lin
Technique to Find the Emotional Core of a Story

Have you ever read a story that had absolutely no emotional impact and thought what a pity the writer hadn’t been able to find the emotional core of the story? Powerful writing often elicits strong emotions in readers. Stories without an emotional core usually fall flat. But how does a writer find the emotional core of a story when staring at a blank page? This workshop examines the elements of emotional storytelling and introduces some techniques to help create stories with emotional weight. Come with writing implements or laptops. This is a hands-on workshop. With luck, you may be able to walk away with the beginnings of a short story or even the climatic scene of a novel. Tickets here.

Presenter: Leslie Shimotakahara
Autobiographical Fiction: Drawing Upon Experiences, Memories, and Family Histories to Generate Stories

How do writers draw upon their own lives and experiences in order to create the stuff of narratives? Why are some stories written as memoirs and others as novels? What distinguishes one genre from another? In this workshop, Leslie Shimotakahara – author of an award-winning memoir The Reading List and an historical novel about the Japanese internment, called After the Bloom – will address these questions, reflecting on her own writing process, writing techniques, memories, and family history as a fourth-generation Japanese-Canadian. In addition to dealing with questions about technique and form, the workshop will touch on the emotional and therapeutic aspects of writing, as well as the challenges of self-exposure and potential blowback from family members who read your work. Methods of researching family histories will also be addressed. Tickets here.