Launched in 2013, LiterASIAN is an annual festival of Pacific Rim Asian Canadian writing and a community-building initiative of the Asian Canadian Writers Workshop (ACWW).

The first of its kind within Canada, the festival’s purpose is to promote and celebrate the works of Asian Canadian writers and artists through author readings, panel discussions, and workshop events, creating important and unique networking opportunities between professional and emerging writers, students, and members of the broader public to learn and discuss topics of importance to Asian Canadian writing. The festival also fosters stimulating discussions that inspire participating artists to converse, debate, and develop new work that revolves around Asian Canadian writing.

The recipient of the Jim Wong-Chu Emerging Writers’ Award is also named at the festival, and their manuscript will be guaranteed to be published. The award is a community building initiative of ACWW named in recognition of Jim Wong-Chu, a pioneer of Asian Canadian writing and mentor to many writers. The award continues his lifelong passion to encourage and develop quality manuscripts and finished works by new writers in the community; to nurture a generation of writers of Pacific Rim Asian Canadian descent, a historically marginalized group in Canada whose stories were rarely written or recorded.