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Jim Wong-Chu (1947-2017)

Jim Wong-Chu | Founder 
The first Festival Director of LiterASIAN, Jim Wong-Chu is a pioneer of Asian Canadian literature, and a poet whose book Chinatown Ghosts (Arsenal Pulp Press) was one of the first poetry book by an Asian Canadian writer. In addition to co-editing Swallowing Clouds, he co-edited the fiction anthology Many Mouthed Birds. After founding Ricepaper Magazine, Jim went on to establish LiterASIAN as the first Canadian literary arts festival featuring writers of Asian descent. Jim passed away in 2017

rsz_41Allan Cho | Festival Director
Allan is Executive Director of the Asian Canadian Writers’ Workshop (ACWW), and works as an academic librarian at the University of British Columbia. Allan is actively engaged in a number of initiatives in the community, and serves on the board of the Asian Canadian Writers’ Workshop and Vancouver Asian Heritage Month Society. He has written for the Georgia Straight, Diverse Magazine, and Ricepaper. His fiction has appeared in the anthologies, The Strangers and Eating Stories. He is one of the founders of LiterASIAN Writers Festival and is a co-editor of the anthology, AlliterAsian: Celebrating Twenty Years of Ricepaper Magazine.

Writer Headshot BWThi Tran | Festival Coordinator
Thi Tran is a Vietnamese Canadian-born writer and artist. For the last decade, she’s enjoyed working as an actress in the local film and television industry, appearing in shows such as Psych and Witches of East End. She discovered her love of storytelling while studying theatre at UBC. A 2017 graduate of SFU’s The Writer’s Studio, a lot of her writing examines her childhood growing up in East Vancouver with a single mother/refugee parent and the dynamics of having to consolidate her heritage with popular Canadian culture. She works with crisp memories, faint blurry ones, and the ones that occupy the senses and body. Writing is one of the ways in which she tries to make sense of it all. She’s a cat Mom, textbook Virgo, and West Coast Junkie.


Sarah Suk | Festival Coordinator  
Sarah Suk is a Vancouver born Korean with a passion for kidlit, North Korean human rights, and patbingsu (red bean shaved ice). A UBC graduate with a Bachelors degree in English Literature & Creative Writing, she has been a lifelong lover of words and storytelling in a variety of mediums including fiction, comic books, and poetry. Since graduating, Sarah has worked at an ice cream shop scooping magical flavours like Whiskey Hazelnut and Matcha Green Tea, lived in Seoul for an internship with an NGO called Liberty in North Korea, and joined the team at WriteOnCon, an online children’s writing conference. She is passionate about seeing diverse voices represented in literature and mainstream media. Currently, she is pursuing her dream as an author for children and young adults while trying to use her aquarium membership as much as possible before it expires.

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